5 Low Carb & Keto Rice Substitutes [Best Rice Alternatives]

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  • Date: august 10, 2022
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A number of the most scrumptious dishes function rice as a key ingredient. Risotto, fried rice, paella, and sushi, for instance, all depend on this starch-filled grain, however are there any rice varieties that gained’t pack on the carbs?

Sadly, the reply is not any.  When you’re on a non-keto low-carb or normal ketogenic food plan, it is best to keep away from rice for optimum outcomes.

That being mentioned, you’ll be able to nonetheless get your rice repair through the use of low-carb substitutes and keto recipes. Let’s start our journey by means of the world of rice and its keto options by exploring the next matters:

Why Rice isn’t Good for Low Carb and Keto Diets

Why Rice isn’t Good for Low Carb and Keto Diets

Every grain of rice is actually starch that’s packaged in a fibrous protein capsule. From a dietary perspective, rice is sort of a bean however with extra starch and fewer protein and fiber.

Although several types of rice will range of their carb content material, even the bottom carb selection isn’t low sufficient to suit right into a low-carb food plan. In truth, it will likely be practically inconceivable to discover a rice selection that’s composed of lower than 75% internet carbs.

To provide you a greater concept of what I imply, we’ve included a chart with the carb content material of the most well-liked rice varieties under. On this case, we’ll focus totally on the “more healthy” rice choices (which aren’t as low in carbs as you would possibly assume).

Is Wild Rice, Black Rice, or Brown Rice Low Carb?

Although brown rice, wild rice, and black rice are all richer in micronutrients, fiber, and protein than white rice, they’re nonetheless full of too many carbs to suit right into a low-carb food plan.

low carb rice substitute

As you’ll be able to see, wild rice is the bottom carb rice. Nonetheless, with ~32 grams of internet carbs in every half-cup, it’ll be difficult to suit it right into a low-carb or keto food plan with out reducing out different nutritious keto-friendly meals.

What About Rice Noodles: Are They Low Carb? 

Rice Noodles: Are They Low Carb

Rice noodles could be regarded as lengthy strips of internet carbs (just like conventional flour-based pasta).

Extra particularly, one cup of rice noodles comes full of 44 g of whole carbs and 42.2 g of internet carbs (which is sort of equivalent to the carbs in white rice).

Relatively than skipping noodles altogether, there are many keto-friendly options you’ll be able to strive. We’ll study extra about them after we uncover the reality about rice truffles.

Are Rice Truffles Low Carb?

Are Rice Cakes Low Carb?

Since they’re comprised of puffed rice, rice truffles shall be decrease in carbs than cooked rice. Nonetheless, earlier than we’re tricked by their low carb content material, we should additionally think about what rice truffles lack.

Since they’re nearly 100% internet carbs, rice truffles will improve your each day carb rely with out including any wholesome fat, protein, fiber, or micronutrients to your food plan. In different phrases, even the bottom carb rice cake merchandise are usually not a superb possibility for keto since they add empty carbs to your food plan and nothing else.

Rice Cake Product Complete Carbs (per rice cake) Web Carbs (per rice cake)
White rice cake 7 7
Brown rice cake 14 13
Kim’s Magic Pop Rice Truffles 2 2

That being mentioned, If you’re craving a rice cake, go for the bottom carb possibility and ensure to have some high-fat keto meals with it. For instance, strive spreading keto Nutella on high or make it into a fast keto pizza.

The 5 Greatest Low Carb Rice Substitutes for Keto

keto rice substitute

When you can’t eat rice, what are you able to eat on a low-carb food plan as an acceptable different? Listed below are the very best low-carb substitutes for rice which are each wholesome and keto-friendly:

  • Riced cauliflower
  • Miracle rice (shirataki rice)
  • Cabbage rice
  • Hemp seeds
  • Mushroom rice

1. Riced Cauliflower

That is the most well-liked low-carb rice different since it’s comparatively low-cost, low in carbs, and full of health-boosting nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Normally, ½ cup (85 g) of ready cauliflower rice has 4 grams of whole carbs and a couple of grams of internet carbs, which makes it simple to suit right into a strict keto food plan in addition to non-keto low-carb diets.

Riced cauliflower is obtainable at your native grocery retailer pre-packaged, however it may be made simply as simple at residence when you have a cheese grater or meals processor.

Easy methods to Use It:

Riced cauliflower makes an awesome keto pizza crust, the right rice substitute for fried rice, and a tasty low-carb different for sushi rice. Scroll under for extra keto cauliflower rice recipes.

2. Miracle Rice — The Lowest Carb Keto Rice, No Cauliflower Obligatory

Constituted of konjac root, miracle rice (and shirataki noodles) solely include hint quantities of internet carbs and are full of health-promoting fiber. Extra particularly, a 3 oz. serving (85 g) of miracle rice comes with 10 energy, 3 g of fiber, and fewer than 0.5 g of internet carbs.

Miracle rice is obtainable in most well being meals shops or on-line. You may additionally see it known as “shirataki rice,” “slim rice,” or “konjac rice” as effectively. There are some which have higher consistencies than others, so store round and check out a couple of totally different manufacturers to see which suit your tastes extra.

So long as the product is listed as having zero internet carbs per serving, it’ll be the right rice different for keto.

Easy methods to Use It:

Strive utilizing miracle rice as a rice different in a stir-fry, pilaf, or cauliflower rice recipe. It could additionally work effectively as a rice or barley substitute in a soups and stews.

3. Cabbage Rice

One other nice keto rice substitute is cabbage rice. You’ll be able to put together cabbage rice as you’ll cauliflower rice: in a meals processor or with a cheese grater.

Each purple and inexperienced cabbage are keto-friendly choices, with inexperienced cabbage having a barely decrease internet carb rely:

  • Purple cabbage — 1 cup,chopped (89 g) has 6.2 grams of whole carbs and three.9g of internet carbs
  • Inexperienced cabbage — 1 cup, chopped (89 g) has 4.9g of whole carbs and three.2g of internet carbs

Easy methods to Use It:

Riced cabbage is nice in stews, as an alternative choice to fried rice, or because the function vegetable in a keto bowl. It’ll pair exceptionally effectively with spices generally utilized in Indian meals, reminiscent of garam masala, cumin, and turmeric.

4. Hemp Seeds

Shelled hemp seeds are nice for mimicking the style and texture of untamed rice and different heartier grains.

They’re additionally full of wholesome fats, plant-based protein, and fiber, making them the very best rice substitute for anybody wanting up their consumption of those vitamins whereas retaining carbs low.

Total, every ½ cup of shelled hemp seeds (also referred to as hemp hearts) supplies us with:

  • 442 energy
  • 39 g of fats
  • 25 g of protein
  • 6.9 g of whole carbs
  • 3.7g of internet carbs

Since that is the best fats rice substitute, be sure to not overdo it. The fats energy can add up surprisingly quick and sluggish weight reduction.

Easy methods to Use It:

Use as a wild rice substitute for wild rice pilaf, or add it to your keto meals to imitate the mouthfeel of couscous or wild rice.

5. Mushroom Rice

With their earthy umami taste, mushrooms are a scrumptious keto-friendly substitute for rice as effectively. Simply be sure to maintain the carb counts in thoughts as a result of they may range relying on the mushroom selection.

Listed below are the carbs in essentially the most generally consumed mushrooms (in each cup, sliced):

Mushroom kind Complete carbs (g) Web carbs (g)
Portobella 5.9 3.2
Shiitake 7.4 3.9
White button 4.4 2.5
Cremini 3.0 2.6

Easy methods to Use It:

To arrange mushroom-based keto rice, finely chop a cup or two of mushrooms and saute with some butter and salt. You can too mix mushroom rice with the opposite low carb rice options to modify up the flavour and texture of your meals.

Different Much less Frequent Keto Rice Alternate options You Can Strive

When you’re seeking to match extra greens into your keto meal plan, these two wholesome low carb options to rice are value a strive a effectively:

Hearts of Palm Rice

Manufacturers like Palmini who initially launched a pasta comprised of hearts of palm have additionally delved into ricing their product to make a keto-friendly rice different. It is available in a can so that you merely want to empty, rise, and cook dinner to your most popular consistency. Sometimes it doesn’t take lengthy to cook dinner and can fulfill the craving you’ve for rice.

The vitamin information for 100g of cooked coronary heart of palm are as follows:

  • 28 energy
  • 0.6 g fats
  • 4.6 g whole carbs
  • 2.4 g dietary fiber
  • 2.2 g internet carbs
  • 2.5 g protein

It may be an awesome vegetable rice different due to its texture, decrease carb counts, and when cooked al dente actually suits the invoice in a meal.

Broccoli Rice

Riced broccoli makes an awesome grain different for anybody on a paleo, low carb, or keto food plan. Since you should use the stems, it’ll make it easier to reduce down in your meals waste as effectively.

Basically, you’ll comply with the identical steps as you’ll to show a head of cauliflower into rice. Simply be sure you shave off the knobs from the broccoli stem earlier than processing.

Sauté for about 2 to three minutes till tender in further virgin olive oil, coconut oil, or your most popular cooking oil/fats. Toss in some soy sauce for fast and straightforward keto aspect dishes (which are additionally dairy free)!

That mentioned, it is very important double-check the vitamin information and be sure you’re staying inside your ketosis carb restrict.  Right here’s what you’ll get in each 100 grams of riced broccoli:

  • 35 energy
  • 0.4 grams of fats
  • 7.2 grams of whole carbohydrates
  • 3.3 grams of dietary fiber
  • 3.9 grams of internet carbs
  • 2.4 grams of protein

Rutabaga Rice

You can too course of rutabaga, as you’ll with broccoli or cauliflower,  to make one other gluten free low carb different for rice. The one draw back to this selection is that it’ll be a bit increased in internet carbs than the opposite keto rice substitutes.

The vitamin information for 100 g of cooked rutabaga are as follows:

  • 37 energy
  • 0.2 g fats
  • 8.6 g whole carbs
  • 2.3 g dietary fiber
  • 6.3 g internet carbs
  • 1.1 g protein

Due to its increased internet carb content material, we suggest solely making rutabaga rice as an occasional aspect dish to accompany a few of your low carb meals.

Low Carb, Keto-friendly Rice Recipes: Fried Rice, Sushi, Rice Balls, and Extra

Low Carb, Keto-friendly Rice Recipes

When you’d favor to comply with step-by-step directions, we’ve included a round-up of our favourite rice-based keto recipes under:

Low Carb Cauliflower Fried Rice

This keto recipe is full of all the flavors and textures we crave in restaurant-style fried rice. Nonetheless, there may be one factor lacking: the starch.

Thankfully, with the combo of riced cauliflower and bacon, you’ll overlook all about it. (When you’re in search of a fair less complicated keto fried rice, give our 4-ingredient crispy cauliflower rice a strive.)

See the Recipe

Crispy Cauliflower Fried Rice

Spicy Cauliflower Rice & Salmon Medley

A scrumptious keto dinner that includes low-carb fried rice, with all of the steps you could cook dinner the fish, put together the keto rice, and mix them right into a satisfying meal. Be at liberty to interchange the salmon along with your fish/meat of alternative everytime you need to throw collectively a fast dish that you recognize will come out scrumptious.

For extra keto-friendly rice-based dinner concepts, try these recipes as effectively:

See the Recipe

Jalapeno Cauliflower Rice Balls

These crispy, spicy, and tacky rice balls are the right method to make use of up leftover cauliflower rice. Serve with sugar-free tomato sauce for keto-friendly arancini — or hold it easy and have as is. The within is sort of a jalapeno popper, and the surface has a splendidly crunchy texture due to the pork rind and Parmesan coating.

See the Recipe

Jalapeno Cauliflower Rice Balls

Keto Hen and Rice Casserole

Hen and rice casserole is far more healthy and extra satisfying with low-carb elements. In truth, this is among the finest methods to sneak a keto-friendly dish right into a household dinner with out anybody noticing. It makes use of a few of my favourite low-carb comfort meals to save lots of on prep time like pre-riced cauliflower and rotisserie rooster. I nearly at all times seize a rotisserie rooster on the grocery retailer. It’s fast, simple and can be utilized for 1,000,000 totally different dishes. Pre-riced cauliflower could be discovered within the produce part of most shops and is a superb low carb staple and substitute for rice.

See the Recipe

Keto Sushi (with a Low-carb Sushi Rice Different)

At first, changing sushi rice with riced cauliflower could seem ridiculous. I believed the thought was loopy earlier than I really gave keto sushi a strive — and I used to be pleasantly stunned. It fastened my longing for carb-ridden sushi, and now I’ve a dependable keto recipe to make each time the craving hits.

See the Recipe

Keto Sushi

Cauliflower Rice Congee

This keto Congee is an Asian-inspired porridge that’s nice for chilly climate or as a zesty dinner appetizer. The elements reminiscent of cauliflower rice and rooster inventory could be comprised of scratch or store-bought to cut back time. Optionally available toppings for congee embrace hard-boiled eggs, sliced scallions, and fried garlic. With this recipe, you’ll additionally learn to incorporate low-carb cauliflower rice into your favorite keto soups.

See the Recipe

Cauliflower-free Low Carb Rice Recipe Choices (No Cauliflower Obligatory)

Cauliflower-free Low Carb Rice Recipe Options

You’ll have already seen that almost all low-carb rice recipes function cauliflower as the first rice different. Whether or not you want to swap it up otherwise you’re simply not a fan of cauliflower, listed below are three go-to choices for making low carb rice with out the cauliflower:

1. Keto Mushroom Wild Rice Pilaf

This aspect dish is the right keto-friendly different for cauliflower rice (and it’s 100% gluten free). Step-by-step, you’ll learn to make it cauliflower-free through the use of hempseeds and mushrooms because the low-carb rice substitute.

Altogether, this recipe will mimic the style and texture of untamed rice pilaf with out the surplus carbs. Be at liberty so as to add meat to it for a whole keto meal — or use it as a substitute for cauliflower fried rice.

2. Exchange the cauliflower with one other low-carb rice different.

Choose your most popular possibility(s) from the record under:

  • Miracle rice
  • Cabbage
  • Hempseeds
  • Mushrooms
  • Broccoli

These will work splendidly in most keto stir-fry and fried rice recipes. You’ll be able to even strive mixing a number of options collectively.

Simply be sure you are aware of the distinction in your rice substitute’s carb, protein, and fats content material in comparison with cauliflower. Use our macro calculator for those who need assistance becoming it into your meal plan.

3. Skip the low-carb rice.

Although your meal gained’t be as filling with out the low-carb rice, this can be the most suitable choice for sure keto recipes.

When making keto sushi, for instance, the opposite low-carb rice options gained’t work effectively. On this case, the most suitable choice is to make it with out the rice or strive one other recipe with related flavors and textures (like our keto poke bowl recipe).

Secondarily, you’ll be able to take a step in a very totally different route by making keto bread. Although it doesn’t match the feel of rice, it may possibly nonetheless assist fulfill that longing for starchy goodness.

Are There Keto-friendly Rice Noodle Alternate options as Effectively?

Keto-friendly Rice Noodle Alternatives

As with low-carb rice substitutes, there are a number of keto-friendly rice noodle options made out of konjac root and keto greens.

Of all of the totally different and distinctive takes on noodles, listed below are a few of finest keto-friendly substitutes for rice noodles:

  • Spiralized greens. Whereas zucchini is the most typical in keto recipes, you too can spiralize daikon radish, cucumbers, bell pepper, turnips, kohlrabi, onion, and even broccoli stems.
  • Eggplant pasta. Minimize eggplant into strips and cook dinner as a penne-style pasta, or slice into skinny sheets and use as a layering noodle in lasagna or pasta roll-up recipes.
  • Thinly sliced cabbage can work very well as a noodle, however you too can use entire cabbage leaves as a layer in lasagna and even use it as a wrapper for eggroll kind recipes.
  • Miracle noodles. Also called konjac or shirataki noodles, these fibrous noodles are comprised of the identical elements as Miracle rice.
  • Tofu noodles. Much like shirataki noodles, these are sometimes a mix of tofu and glucomannan (the fiber present in konjac root). This yields a way more nice, much less crunchy low-carb noodle.
  • Do-it-yourself noodles. Utilizing psyllium husk, almond flour, or a mix of low-carb flours, you’ll be able to create keto noodles at residence. These are usually essentially the most life like in texture and taste however can add a major quantity of energy to the dish, so you need to be aware of your noodle parts.

To study extra about every noodle different and their keto recipes, try our complete information to keto-friendly noodles and pasta.

Key Takeaways: Low Carb Rice Alternate options and Recipes for Keto

Rice is just not appropriate for low-carb and keto consuming, whatever the selection you’ve

Nonetheless, there are many low-carb rice substitutes that you may make to fulfill your longing for the starch-filled grain. These embrace:

  • Riced cauliflower
  • Miracle rice or shirataki rice
  • Cabbage
  • Hemp Seeds
  • Mushrooms

With the assistance of those keto-friendly choices, you can also make nearly any of your favourite rice-based dishes, together with:

If you’re additionally in search of appropriate substitutes for cauliflower-based rice, listed below are the three finest choices:

That being mentioned, even when you have the bottom carb rice substitute, it’s nonetheless essential to be aware of how a lot fats, protein, and carbs you could obtain the outcomes you need.

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