Does Tequila Have Carbs?

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Simply since you’re consuming a keto weight loss program doesn’t imply you possibly can’t get pleasure from some tequila. A number of research discover the Agave plant to spice up immunity, enhance bone well being and combat off dementia.

However does tequila have carbs?

This publish will go over every thing you should learn about ingesting tequila on keto. I’ll cowl keto tequila cocktails, some options and what alcoholic drinks to keep away from.

Consuming Tequila On A Keto Weight loss plan: Yay Or Nay?

Tequila is keto-friendly as a result of it comprises zero carbs. Though it received’t spike blood sugar ranges, ingesting alcohol will impression ketosis.

To grasp the way it does this, we should first understand how alcohol is processed in our our bodies. This course of is tremendous simple to grasp.

Your physique makes use of alcohol dehydrogenase to transform alcohol into acetaldehyde. This acetaldehyde is a extremely poisonous compound, and your liver will at all times prioritize it over anything.

So since your liver stops every thing to deal with processing this chemical, it pauses ketone manufacturing and fats burning for a brief interval.

Nonetheless, alcohol simply pauses fats burning; it isn’t as unhealthy as consuming a high-carb meal. If you eat carbs, you restore your liver glycogen ranges, and your physique has to erase the harm from the carbs and begin from scratch.

One other manner tequila or any alcoholic drink can have an effect on your well being is thru irritation. It’s because alcohol is oxidative. It places stress in your liver, resulting in irritation. So for those who drink alcohol often, you’ll set off chronic inflammation, which many docs consider to be the foundation of all ailments.

A few of these opposed well being results embody:

  • Fatty liver illness
  • Most cancers
  • Coronary heart illness
  • Diabetes

However this doesn’t imply it’s best to keep away from alcohol on keto. Alcohol in restricted portions isn’t dangerous, and medically-reviewed studies present it gives well being advantages.

Tasty Keto-Pleasant Tequila Cocktails

In the event you don’t really feel like ingesting tequila pictures, listed here are some scrumptious drinks that you could make with out kicking your self out of ketosis.

Keto Tequila Slammer

Historically, the Tequila Slammer is a shot. You make it by taking a shot glass and filling half with tequila and the opposite half with Sprite. Subsequent, you’ll cowl your hand excessive of the glass, slam it on the desk, and it’ll begin fizzing. It’s consumed straight earlier than it fizzes an excessive amount of.

However let’s add a keto twist to it.

We’re turning it right into a cocktail as a result of when doing keto, you wish to restrict your alcohol consumption. So as a substitute of taking pictures the drink, you sip on it, get pleasure from it and drink much less alcohol.

You’ll solely want three components:

  1. A rocks glass with a couple of cubes of ice
  2. Pure Agave tequila
  3. Sugar-free tonic water or Sprite Zero

So pour one shot of tequila into your rocks glass and high it off with some sugar-free tonic water or Sprite Zero. You’ll be able to even add lime juice as a result of it offers the drink a singular taste.

tequila cocktail

Strawberry Keto Margarita

This blended drink is the proper summer season choice as a result of it’s refreshing and fruity. To make a keto margarita, you’ll want:

  • Blanco tequila
  • Pineapple strawberry glowing water
  • Pink Himalayan salt
  • Ice
  • Two strawberries

A keto margarita solely comprises 75 energy and three internet carbs.

First, fill your glass with ice and add your strawberries. Subsequent, reduce one lime in half and squeeze it on the rim of a second cup. Take some pink Himalayan salt, sprinkle it right into a plate and salt the sting of your glass.

Add one shot of tequila and glowing water over your strawberries. Now, pour your cocktail into the second cup, garnish with some lime and luxuriate in.

Low-Carb Tequila Dawn

This Tequila Dawn is one other yummy keto summer season drink. However often, you’ll use orange juice and grenadine syrup crammed with sugar.

However for this keto recipe, you’ll solely want:

  • Blue Agave tequila
  • Sugar-free orange juice
  • Sugar-free pomegranate syrup

Tequila Dawn comprises round three to 5 grams of carbs, relying on what low-carb orange juice you’re utilizing.

It’s additionally tremendous simple to make. Get a glass and fill it with ice. Subsequent, pour one shot of tequila, three ounces of low-carb orange juice and a half ounce pomegranate syrup. Stir and luxuriate in!

Now that we all know how one can make keto tequila cocktails, let’s take a look at different keto alcohol options.

Different Keto-Pleasant Alcohol Alternate options

When doing keto, don’t simply take a look at carb content material. You wish to examine the variety of carbs in your drink to the alcohol proportion.

For instance, some low-carb beers include 4 grams of carbs. However the alcohol content material is so low that you simply’d must drink so much to get drunk. And by that point, you’re already out of ketosis.

So listed here are some keto tequila options.


Any onerous liquor that you could sip on is an efficient choice for keto. Laborious liquors don’t include carbs, and the alcohol content material is so excessive that you simply don’t want so much. For instance, you would get rum and simply add some ice with a lime on the aspect.

Darkish rum is ideal for anybody on a ketogenic weight loss program since you don’t must pour any mixes.


Vodka is one other keto choice as a result of it comprises no carbs. In the event you’re going out with pals, drink vodka and weight loss program soda as a result of, not like pictures, you possibly can sip on it and savor it.

The longer you get pleasure from a drink, the much less alcohol you’re consuming, which is nice information on your well being objectives since you desire a average alcohol consumption to shed extra pounds.

The chances with vodka are additionally infinite. So long as you’re utilizing low-carb mixers, you possibly can get pleasure from virtually all blended drinks. A few of my favorites embody:

  • Vodka and weight loss program soda
  • Vodka and low-carb lemonade
  • Vodka with water garnished with lemon or lime

Keto Wines

Many firms like Dry Farm Wines make wine for keto dieters. It comprises no carbs, sugar, components or preservatives, so it received’t kick you out of ketosis or set off irritation.

The alcohol proportion of Dry Farm Wines can also be comparatively low, so you possibly can sip on and luxuriate in a glass with out consuming a lot alcohol.

A few of my favourite wines from Dry Farm Wines are:

  • Chianti
  • Limestone Riesling
  • Cabernet Franc

You’ll additionally discover that after you drink a big quantity of Dry Farm Wines, you received’t really feel the hangover you often do. That is because of the zero sugar, additive and preservative content material.

This makes clear wines an ideal drink for anybody on keto.

Worst Alcoholic Drinks For Keto Dieters

In the event you’ve been ingesting tequila for some time and also you’re in search of an alternate, keep away from drinks like beers and sugary cocktails. It’s because they’ve quite a lot of carbs and components.

Beer comprises 13 grams of carbs per can, and for those who’re ingesting three beers, that’s virtually 40 grams of carbs. Though low-carb beers could also be extra keto-friendly, you should drink a lot to get drunk, and also you’ll improve your carb consumption.

Sugary cocktails like Bloody Mary, Moscow Mule and Cosmopolitan are worse than beer. These drinks include over 15 grams of sugar per cup. So that you wish to keep away from them in any respect prices.

Last Phrase On Consuming Tequila On Keto

Consuming tequila on a high-fat weight loss program is a keto-friendly solution to get pleasure from your self with pals and family members. Pure Agave tequila comprises no carbs and sugars because of its distillation course of. In the event you don’t like ingesting tequila straight, use low-carb mixes like Sprite Zero.

Nonetheless, average ingesting is essential. Consuming excessively triggers irritation and places pointless pressure in your liver, resulting in an elevated danger of fatty liver illness and different power circumstances.

Does Tequila Have Carbs

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