Why It Happens and How Do I Stop It?

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Altering your food regimen can have an effect on your bowel actions. Should you’re beginning a ketogenic food regimen, certainly one of its potential uncomfortable side effects is constipation, together with weight reduction and the keto flu (*).

Right here’s all the things it’s best to find out about keto constipation — why it occurs while you go low-carb, cures, prevention ideas, and when to hunt skilled assist.

Why Does the Keto Eating regimen Trigger Constipation?

Constipation normally occurs throughout the first few days of going keto and will final for weeks relying on how quickly your physique adjusts to this fashion of consuming and your cures for relieving it. Listed below are some the explanation why you may expertise constipation.

1. Too Little Dietary Fiber

For somebody following a high-carbohydrate food regimen, slicing again on carbs can cut back their fiber consumption.

That’s as a result of fiber is often present in carb sources akin to entire grains, rice, pasta, potatoes, apples, and bananas (*).

Dietary fiber provides bulk to and softens your stool, making it simpler to cross. A meta-analysis confirmed that fiber will increase stool frequency, which makes it a typical therapy for constipation (*).

That mentioned, you may need to test which high-carb plant meals you’ve been slicing out of your food regimen just lately.

Additionally, remember that a low-carb food regimen doesn’t must lack in fiber. It’s necessary to just remember to’re discovering different sources of fiber that received’t increase your blood sugar ranges.

2. Dehydration

Chances are you’ll discover that you simply’re shedding a variety of water initially on keto, which may result in dehydration (*).

A low-carb food regimen depletes your glycogen shops and lowers your insulin ranges (*).

Glycogen is the storage type of glucose, and every gram of glycogen is saved with not less than 3 grams of water. Together with the fast water weight reduction that happens when beginning this new food regimen, you’ll expertise frequent urination (*).

Correct hydration is important to make sure that your physique has sufficient water to take care of regular bowel perform (*).

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That is particularly necessary in these extra inclined to water losses akin to athletes and other people with lively existence (because of sweating), and older adults (* , *).

3. Lack of Bodily Exercise

Analysis exhibits that sustaining bodily exercise — whether or not train or non-exercise bodily exercise (akin to yard work, standing, strolling) — can promote bowel actions (*).

Nevertheless, some folks have low vitality ranges when beginning keto because of the drastic discount of carbs. Keto flu signs like headache, nausea, and irritability may additionally make you are feeling extra drained than regular.

Particularly when mixed with elements akin to a low fiber consumption and dehydration, a scarcity of motion is usually a purpose for not pooping on keto.

If constipation persists for a number of weeks, you may need to take into account wanting into different causes. In that case, it’s best to see a physician for additional analysis and medical recommendation.

Methods to Deal with Keto Constipation

Whereas ready in your digestive system to regulate to your new food regimen (which ultimately occurs), attempt utilizing these keto constipation reduction methods at dwelling.

1. Add Keto-Pleasant Excessive-Fiber Meals to Your Meal Plan

Fiber is a kind of carbohydrate that your physique can’t break down throughout digestion. It’s helpful not only for making you are feeling fuller on fewer energy, but additionally for intestine well being.

As a keto constipation treatment, dietary fiber provides bulk to your stool, softens it, and will increase your bowel actions (*).

Along with easing constipation, prebiotics (a kind of fiber) function meals in your good intestine micro organism. Selling useful micro organism can increase your immune system whereas additionally supporting weight reduction (*).

Examples of low-carb greens with prebiotics embody asparagus, mushrooms, cabbage, snow peas, garlic, and onions. There are lots of keto recipes to attempt these choices.

You too can saute your meat or leafy greens with garlic, onion, or each to get prebiotic fiber, apart from enhancing the flavour of your meals.

Tip: Stick with non-starchy greens when embarking on the keto food regimen. Plant-based choices typically assist with constipation, however starchy veggies can increase your blood sugar ranges, placing you out of ketosis.

2. Devour Snacks Sweetened with Sugar Alcohols

Sugar alcohols, additionally referred to as polyols, are generally used to sweeten keto meals and drinks. You’ll additionally discover them in a variety of keto-friendly merchandise like protein bars, goodies, and cookies.

Examples of polyols are sorbitol, mannitol, erythritol, and xylitol (*). Whereas these are low in energy and are unlikely to trigger blood glucose spikes (making them an awesome selection for weight reduction and managing blood sugar) — they will trigger diarrhea when consumed in massive quantities (* , *).

Due to their laxative impact, sugar alcohols can be utilized as a treatment for constipation. In that case, chances are you’ll profit from consuming keto desserts sweetened with sugar alcohol.

Nevertheless, when you have FODMAP (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, and polyols) intolerance, it’s finest to keep away from sugar alcohols, aside from erythritol. That is to keep away from worsening digestive signs like stomach ache, bloating, and flatulence (*).

3. Improve Your Water Consumption

Consuming extra water can relieve keto flu signs akin to headache, nausea, fatigue, and constipation brought on by dehydration (* , *, *).

A scientific trial carried out on 117 sufferers confirmed that growing fluid consumption to 1.5-2.0 liters per day along with consuming a high-fiber food regimen, will increase stool frequency in these with continual purposeful constipation (*).

Should you’re unsure about whether or not it’s best to drink extra water, test your urine colour. It must be colorless to lemonade (or gentle straw) in colour when you’re optimally hydrated. Nevertheless, if it’s a darker yellow, then it’s a good suggestion to drink up (*).

4. Add Extra Fats to Your Eating regimen

As a high-fat food regimen, you need to be consuming extra fats on keto. Dietary fats will function your vitality supply, and wholesome fat like monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids cut back your threat of illness (* , *).

Nevertheless, you won’t be consuming sufficient fats, particularly when you’re simply beginning the keto food regimen. Consuming extra fats can cut back constipation since fats triggers the discharge of bile to assist with digestion, and bile is a pure laxative (*).

Select wholesome fat like coconut oil, butter, animal fats (lard, tallow, suet), fatty cuts of meat, olive oil, and avocado oil.

You’ll have additionally heard of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) that are generally used as a fats supply or complement to attenuate keto flu signs, enhance ketosis, and promote weight reduction (* , *). Think about mixing MCT oil, butter, and brewed espresso to make Bulletproof espresso.

5. Maintain Off on Intermittent Fasting for Now

Intermittent fasting (IF) includes biking between consuming and fasting. As an example, fasting for 16 hours and consuming your meals throughout the remaining 8-hour window.

Fasting is finished to realize bodily and psychological advantages, together with weight reduction, improved reminiscence, and coronary heart well being (*). Check out this information to study extra about intermittent fasting for inexperienced persons.

Whereas a preferred observe within the keto food regimen neighborhood (because it enhances ketosis and outcomes), a draw back is that it may result in constipation (*). Potential causes embody a scarcity of fiber consumption throughout your consuming window and never getting sufficient water all through the day.

Should you’re already doing IF and are constipated, you may need to put fasting on pause till your bowel actions resume.

6. Incorporate Train Into Your Day

Analysis means that lowering sedentary conduct can assist relieve constipation (*). In different phrases, merely shifting extra permits meals to cross via your digestive system easily.

There are many workout routines you are able to do whereas on the keto food regimen, akin to gentle cardio (biking, swimming, mountaineering), resistance coaching, and adaptability exercises (yoga or pilates).

One useful tip can be to take a brief stroll after each meal. On prime of bettering digestion, strolling after meals suppresses hyperglycemia to maintain your blood sugar ranges underneath management and promote weight reduction (*).

Methods to Stop Keto Constipation

Making use of the methods mentioned beforehand, akin to including low-carb fiber sources, hydration, including dietary fats, and exercising can stop constipation from taking place.

One other strategy is to do the keto food regimen step by step. Some folks drastically decrease their carbohydrates to enter ketosis, however you possibly can take the gradual route. Whereas this received’t lead to fast ketosis, it would give your digestive system extra time to adapt to your new food regimen.

When to Search Skilled Assist for Constipation on Keto

Constipation that persists can result in stomach ache, bloating, and issues like hemorrhoids, fecal impaction, and rectal prolapse, particularly if it lasts for weeks (*). Be sure that to see your physician. A well being skilled could advocate a fiber complement or a laxative that doesn’t include carbohydrates.

Your physician may also discover different causes of constipation not associated to the keto food regimen, akin to drugs you’re presently taking (if any) or a well being situation (*).

Keto Constipation FAQ

Listed below are fast solutions to the commonest questions on the keto food regimen and constipation:

Can the Keto Eating regimen Trigger Constipation?

Sure, transitioning to the keto food regimen can result in constipation, particularly if most of your fiber sources are excessive in carbohydrates, akin to grains and starchy greens. Keto is a really low-carb consuming strategy. Subsequently, you need to be on the lookout for various fiber sources that received’t kick you out of ketosis.

Keto constipation can also outcome from dehydration (resulting from glycogen depletion and never staying hydrated) and a scarcity of bodily exercise.

Is Constipation a Signal of Ketosis?

Constipation is without doubt one of the issues that might occur when you’re in ketosis, because of your dietary change. Nevertheless, constipation shouldn’t be your foundation for checking ketosis. The very best strategy is to test for increased ketone levels in your urine, breath, or blood.

What Helps Constipation on Keto?

Easy dwelling cures like consuming low-carb high-fiber meals, making certain correct hydration, shifting extra, holding off intermittent fasting, growing your fats consumption, and consuming keto treats with sugar alcohols will relieve constipation. Should you haven’t began keto but, take into account doing it step by step to permit your digestive system to regulate and keep away from constipation.

Schedule an appointment together with your healthcare supplier when you’re nonetheless not capable of poop and feeling uncommon signs you’re undecided about.

How Typically Ought to You Poop on the Keto Eating regimen?

As a normal rule, the traditional bowel motion ranges from as soon as per day to a few occasions every week. This could differ from one particular person to a different and is affected by elements akin to your exercise degree, age, sickness or a well being situation, a change in your macros, and sure drugs.

Is Keto Harmful for Digestive Well being?

There isn’t enough scientific evidence to show that the keto diet wreaks havoc on your gut. Furthermore, keeping a healthy gut while on keto entails eating a diverse range of foods that feed beneficial gut bacteria and avoiding offenders like sugar and FODMAPs (if you’re intolerant to FODMAPs) (*).


Constipation is a aspect impact of going keto for the primary time, and that is your GI tract’s response to only a few carbohydrates (which can have been your major supply of fiber). It may well additionally occur when you don’t drink sufficient water and transfer much less as a result of hydration and motion get issues shifting in your digestive tract.

By transitioning slowly to the keto food regimen and making an attempt easy cures like consuming meals with fiber, shifting extra, replenishing water losses, and growing fats — you possibly can keep away from constipation within the first place or relieve it.

Remember to communicate together with your physician or a well being skilled if constipation persists.

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